Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roadside History

Old Grain Elevator
west and south of Mahnomen, MN
February 2016
If you've read Wyoming Breezes for a length of time, you know how much I enjoy taking photos, especially of old buildings. I take the photos for two reasons: I like the architecture, and I want to preserve a bit of history.

My nephew, Bruce drove my sister, two brothers-in-law, and me to the casino in Mahnomen, MN one day in late February. One the way there, we passed this delightful old elevator, and I told Bruce I'd like to get a photo on the way home. I was delighted that he remembered and pulled over to the side of the road. 

west and south of Mahnomen, Minnesota
The building is well-maintained and should see more years of useful life. 


  1. The weathered wood is beautiful! So nice to see that it is being used and well cared for.

  2. That is a beautiful old building. Kind of like an old farmer/rancher - the skin is weathered but the body is still tall and strong.

  3. I love that they've kept the old along with the new silo. I think it's always heartening to know that people will continue to use buildings and places that are still useful.

  4. The wood appeals to me and the way the building shadows onto the one behind it ...very easy on the eyes. Also the steel color roof and the light blue sky make for a really pleasing palette of color.s Nice Nancy!

  5. Great photos. Same as you, I LOVE the old buildings! They certainly tell a story.

  6. It is a fine elevator and is a good subject for a photo. I cannot place where this one is. Ulen maybe? Did you win anything at the Casino? :)

  7. This is still in use? It really is attractive. Perhaps one of use should look to this picture for some color inspiration. It's wonderful.


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