Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frog Car

Frog car
near Denver, CO
Spring 2015
Last year, Marilyn and I spotted this unusual car in the JoAnn's parking lot near Denver. Obviously, the owner loves frogs, as you will notice they are on the windows, aerial, and mirrors, too.

note the large fly on the frog's tongue

As unique as this frog car was, I can honestly say it is not the most unusual vehicle I've ever encountered. That distinction would have to be reserved for this pickup, spotted near the Redrocks on the way to Dubois, WY in 2010.

What's the most unusual vehicle you've seen in your travels?


  1. I wonder where you even find a giant frog like that? The most unusual car I've ever seen is hard to describe. It was a mosaic of stones, bumper stickers, framed photos, trinkets, figurines, and glass balls. You can a picture of it here:
    Be sure to click the photo to enlarge for the full effect.

    1. Oh my goodness! And that is a relatively new car!

  2. Wow, I would have loved that frog when I was a teenager, I was big into strawberry items and frogs. I think that's awesome! The truck in the link sure did have a lot of bling to it.

  3. Both are pretty creative. I saw an unusual one about 2 weeks ago. It was a beat up old car, completely covered with license plates except for the windows. I wonder how they were attached to keep from falling off. And are the license plates the only thing holding that old car together?

  4. Well, that's one way not to lose your car in the parking lot. LOL

    I love the sparkly tassels on the door handles. ;-)

    We have a couple of vehicles around town slapped all over with bumper stickers, but NOTHING this creative.

  5. Of course you have to go to Colorado to find a frog car. I think I even see one inside the car. I think I may lose sleep wondering WHY! And the pickup--I'm speechless.

  6. Very unique indeed. I would love to have a bus. Oh I would get nothing done except paint the bus.

  7. Both vehicles are unique. Not my style at all, but if it makes them happy, that's good. :)

  8. Crazy! We saw one recently, I don't remember where, that had stuff painted all over it but didn't get a photo; it was nothing compared to your two though.

  9. I notice there is a handicap parking tag hanging on the mirror. And, I wonder if he/she gets pulled over for speeding or going too slow. Nothing like drawing a LOT of attention to yourself.


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