Friday, April 29, 2016

Foreign Friday

Torii gates
Beppu, Japan
April 1980
Earlier posts with other images of torii gates can be seen here.


  1. Very beautiful - and tranquil looking.

  2. I dont remember the other posts of this. They are beautiful! I bet the light coming through at all angles is lovely and enchanting

  3. Very nice capture, Nancy. Love the red and the white blossoms. I enjoyed looking at your other Torii gate posts. One really gets a taste of the Japanese culture in these structures.

  4. Are those cherry blossoms? Nancy, you post such beautiful pictures. Thank you!

  5. Very pretty! For the first year since we lived here, we have no cherry blossoms because we had to take down the tree, so I really enjoyed this photo. Thanks!

  6. The beautiful flowering trees next to the red tori gates makes a beautiful picture. Isn't it time you branched out into landscape quilts?

  7. Beautiful!!! Wouldn't you love to have that to walk through every day ....


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