Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another Mural

The Wind River by John Cox
Mural on the east side of the Riverton Ranger building
Riverton, WY
March 2016
I can't remember when this large mural was mounted on the wall facing the post office, but it has been quite a while. Last week, I went to the post office early to mail a Quilt of Valor, and the street was void of vehicles, so I snapped a couple of photos.

The scene is pretty typical of a Wyoming river bank in late Fall, which is probably why it is so appealing to me

Another "new" mural (it's been in place for over two years) is on the A.D. Martin storage building, but I have yet to take a photo because it's in an awkward position on Main Street. I've avoided getting a photo because of its position and the traffic. Maybe someday the time will be right.


  1. Neat mural.

    I know what you mean about not being able to get a clear photo. Isn't that the interesting part about photography though. Sometimes I totally "miss" the shot and then I think --- well, I guess that one is only meant to go into MEMORY!

  2. What a pretty mural. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The picture in that mural is so familiar - Wyoming in the fall. Makes me homesick, but in a good way.

  4. Cool mural Nancy! I am continually struck by the vast open lands you are so beautifully surrounded by

  5. My favorite part of the mural is the rain storm over the mountains. I love it when cities decorate their buildings with art.

  6. That is neat. What is it painted on? Here, they just paint right on the brick. I love being able to see for miles - that's the part I miss most about the Texas panhandle.

  7. I wish we had more time to look around your town when we were there last summer...Next time :)

  8. I love that even though it's a mural, it looks like a painting hung out doors. lovely. outdoor art is so much fun


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