Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cuddle Sacks

Baby Cuddle Sacks
March and April 2016
The yarn I received from Ellen a couple of weeks ago, prompted me to knit some baby cuddle sacks. I added a small ball of off-white scrap yarn to knit the second one. - visible in the top left.  I've already started another sack with the brown yarn.

    Bernat Berella "4" (Green Ombre and Neutral Ombre)
         a full skein contains 10.6 oz
    Each cuddle bag uses approximately 5.6 oz of double stranded yarn

    Knit Picks - US 10.5 circular

    Cast on 50 sts, using double stranded yarn throughout

    Baby Cuddle Sack - free online pattern
    In 2009, I made several cuddle sacks with scraps.
Thank you, Ellen for making these cuddle sacks possible. They will be donated to a local pregnancy center.


  1. A great way to use the yarn! Am I right that you wound the double strands into one ball?

    1. No, I knit from the outside of the ball as well as the inside. The yarn doesn't tangle as much that way, and it's easier to deal with a knot in the yarn, if I find one.

  2. That will be a great gift to those new moms.

  3. how lovely Nancy. Babies sure like to feel resistance as if they are in the womb again. Your donation will be a real gift to a baby and family!

  4. The cuddle sacks are wonderful! I made two for our great grandson and his mother said she used them more than any other gift she received. Every time we saw them he was in a sack so they must be a useful gift.

  5. First time I've seen cuddle sacks. How sweet.


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