Friday, April 1, 2016

Foreign Friday

Daily life along the river
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979
I snapped this photo while my tour group was gliding along the river. It looks like a place to stop for a cold beverage.


  1. It seems so different to us, but just an ordinary day for them.

  2. THings look quite poor there. Was it? It also looks a bit...dirty.......yet I think of Asians as a very clean and pretty culture.

  3. Instead of "bellying" up to the bar, it looks like you "boat" up!

  4. How interesting! Gets the job done for those people working (or maybe playing) on the river.

  5. So much going on at the water's edge!

  6. Interesting picture and interesting comments. My son and his wife took a three week honeymoon in Thailand -- with just a back pack for each of them. They had a wonderful time too.


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