Friday, August 12, 2016

Foreign Friday

Japanese macaque
Mt. Takasak Wild Monkey Park
Beppu, Japan
Spring 1980


  1. He is not a pet. I repeat, Kathy don't touch his fuzzy hair. He is not a pet. He is adorable

  2. So cute. When my Hubby was in India there were monkeys all over the city he was in. I can't remember exactly where. Did you see the little deer in Nara when you were in Japan? They were so tame we were able to pet them.

  3. If I was very clever this morning I could come up with a cute caption. I'm not awake enough to be clever now! He is pretty cute looking. But must admit I wouldn't want them running wild in the streets.

  4. I love watching monkeys. I always feel like they are watching me while I'm watching them! This one is especially cute and interesting. Somehow I'm sure that among the monkey group he was clever and amusing.


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