Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Winter Wind Sculpture

(This week, I'm featuring some random close-up photos)

drifted snow
Winter 1978
Many people who do not live in snow country don't realize that when blown into drifts, the snow can become hard enough to support a person or animals. The wind not only packs the snow into hard drifts, it forms waves and ripples.

It's no secret that the wind blows in Wyoming, and most of the winter road closures are due to drifting snow. Some people think they can simply drive through the drifts, not realizing the drifts can be long and sometimes deeper than they appear.

Snow drifts can be picturesque but also treacherous.


  1. Very pretty! I've seen drifts like that in Vermont and even in Eastern PA when I was a kid! I imagine in Wyoming though they are larger/wider/longer.

  2. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a photo of shale rock.

    Isn't it funny how often there is DANGER in something beautiful?

  3. I'm sure they are treacherous but quite beautiful. It looks like an alien landscape!

  4. Beautiful picture...it does look like slate... yes being from Alberta I understand all about snow drifts....in our valley...we are free from snow...but if we venture out 5 miles....we will have to contend with it:)

  5. Interesting photo and definitely something we see out here on the prairie in the winter.

  6. It gets pretty cold and windy here and will cause the snow to harden like that. I does look pretty.

  7. Very familiar looking. January in Chicago ish

  8. Nice photo! I've not seen snow like that since leaving Wisconsin, a million ages ago. Makes me think a bit of frosty Lake Michigan shores.

  9. Coming from Nebraska I've seen many drifts like that. We do still have lots of snow in Eastern Washington, but not the drifts like the plains of Nebraska.

  10. Thank you very much, but I'll avoid these if possible! My guess is being an hour farther north we'll have more snow. Hopefully without hard drifts.


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