Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eye on CWC

(This week I'm featuring some random close-up photos)

photo taken through an art sculpture
Central Wyoming College campus
Riverton, WY
November 2015
Central Wyoming College (CWC) opened in 1968, and I enrolled in classes the Fall of 1969. The original campus consisted of three buildings: one housed the student union, administration offices, and the library; the largest building contained classrooms for the core subjects and a lecture hall around the perimeter and faculty offices in the center; the smallest building housed the maintenance office.

The campus has grown considerably in the last 48 years. It now has two dorms, an apartment building, a large fine arts building, the original classroom building (remodeled and expanded) and now attached to the original administration building, large library, student center, book store, gymnasium, small theatre, studios and offices for the Wyoming PBS station, and a new health science building.

Unfortunately, CWC and other educational institutions are currently dealing with massive budget cuts. Governor Mead stated last week that even deeper cuts could occur in all state-funded programs.

Wyoming's economy is heavily dependent on the energy industry (oil, natural gas, and coal), and currently these industries are quite depressed and unemployment is high. We can only hope things will turn around soon, but frankly, the state could be in for some very lean times for several years.


  1. Im very picky about sculptures and art. This image is simple, clean and perfect. Im sorry to hear the State is in trouble. Lord Knows Illinois is.
    I'm enjoying your photo week

  2. I'm enjoying your posts this week as well. This is a great picture. So many good things are suffering with the current state of affairs...and I'm afraid of what will happen with the election this year...

  3. Well you just confirmed what I have suspected since starting to read your blog. We are the same age. I entered college in fall of 69 right after hs graduation. It's interesting to see your myriad of photos. I've been back to my college a couple of times since moving East -- there are new building and streets all around it too.

  4. Neat picture!!...yes Alberta the booming oil province is starting to suffer here in Canada...

  5. Beautiful composition of that photo.

    Sorry to hear that you are facing a recession and even sorrier that the powers that be always seem to cut education funds first. :-(

  6. It's sad to hear of the budget crunches coming due to the energy economy. SD is so dependent on tourism and agriculture. So when those take a hit, so do our schools. About 5 years ago the schools and all other state level departments all took about a 10% budget decrease. It was ugly!

  7. So many states are having the same issues that Wyoming is. We drove around the campus at Eastern WA University with our boys in April. All three of our kids graduated from there and they couldn't believe the changes in the ten years since they graduated. But budget cuts are in the work there as well too. Very sad.


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