Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Money Well Spent

Health and Science Center Dedication
Central Wyoming College
Riverton, WY
September 20, 2013
It was exciting to attend the dedication of the new $18 million building on the CWC campus on Friday and to take the guided tour through the various classrooms. Additional photos can be seen at the bottom the County 10 post

view from the control room of one of the nursing simulation lab

The mannequins are programmed to give nursing students simulated
hospital experiences. Four simulation labs are available in this area of
 the building. In another section is an eight-bed nursing education
 room that can also be used as an emergency hospital. 

This "patient" was being monitored by a nursing instructor. The
mannequin was blinking rapidly as we watched her care for him. 

This simulation lab had a mother who had just given birth. The nursing
student in the dark blue scrubs explains the "patient's" vitals to the
community members on the tour. The group on the right observes
 a nursing student caring for the newborn. 
The second floor of the building houses the nursing, CNA, and allied health programs, which can now accept more students than in previous years. The main floor houses, the biology, physics, chemistry, computer, and anatomy departments and classrooms.

The construction of 52, 342 square foot Health and Science Center was funded through a $11.5 million bond proposal passed by local voters in November 2010 and the Wyoming Legislature who approved $6.5 million in matching funds.

It was money well spent.


  1. The simulation labs are interesting. I didn't know such things existed.

  2. True state of the art care center, am sure it will be appreciated by those who may need it.

  3. It's good to see they planned it so well; it should be a valuable addition to the college and community.

  4. How neat! I suddenly feel out of the loop, after all the years I spent in UVA's training facilities as a medic...

  5. Good luck to all those nursing students. They certainly have a nice place to study and learn.

  6. Yes I would agree that it is indeed money well spent! Nursing instruction in the emergency room atmosphere is what my daughter does daily, and loves it. What a fascinating tour!!

  7. Silly me Sim labs make me NERVOUS. I'd rather be with real people! ha ha
    Watch out for the Snow tonight Nancy. Stay in and knit...

  8. Those look pretty neat - but I gotta say, those mannequins kinda freak me out. g

  9. Well spent indeed! This was such a great post on supporting the instruction and development of health and science.


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