Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blended Scrap Socks - revisited

Blended Scrap Socks
started August 2013
finished September 2013
The first post about these socks was in August, and they hibernated longer than expected. I transferred the stitches to the Sock Rocket needles for a bit, but finished them on my trusty Knit Picks needles.

Details on the socks can be found on the first post - link given above.


  1. I always like the way your scrap socks turn out--unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

  2. Oh I love 'em! But the thought of weaving in all of those ends makes me shudder...

  3. Congrats on the finish! They look really cute.

  4. Blended scraps almost are a perfect match:) good job.

  5. I adore those socks!! It has been a long time since I used two needles for socks. I should try it again. I do, however, love Knit Picks Harmony dpns and always seem to pick those up first.

  6. They are AWESOME! Now you'll have HAPPY FEET and warm too. :-)

  7. Love them! So you just did not fall in love with the Sock Rockets? I have changed to ChiaoGoo needles for sock knitting. I prefer them over KnitPicks because the joins are smoother (several of my many KP needles have rough joins and that bugs me!) and because they rest better in my hands dues to a small bend in the shaft of the needle.

  8. Pretty cool socks! I am so amazed that so many Americans knit in the Summer. Knitting is mainly a winter sport here. I enjoyed reading about your needle trial. I almost feel tempted to knit socks again.



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