Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flashback - School Days (revisited)

Marilyn, Nancy, Evelyn
first day of school
September 1958
Many families commemorate the first day of school by taking a photo. I recently found this image and realized it had been taken on the same day as the photo in this post.

I wonder if the "bibs" on my sister's outfits were removable. Note the buttons on the waistband. I'm sure Marilyn and Evelyn are wearing net petticoats to make their skirts flare ever so slightly. Their circular skirts would really swing while dancing the jitterbug!

Evelyn models the dress she made in Home Economics the previous year.
Note: Evelyn made the dress Nancy is wearing in the top photo from same
fabric as the dress shown here. I remember someone saying that
Evelyn and I wore the matching dresses in a school style show. 
Possibly because of the hair style and shoes, this shot of Evelyn's prom dress was taken on the same day.

The last photo was taken in the living room. The davenport (yes, we really called it that long before the terms "sofa" or "couch" were used) was an ugly maroon, the linoleum was green (carpeting was installed in the mid-60s), and the wallpaper stripes were two shades of grey - the flowers were a light pink/white and red. The flowered wallpaper was replaced with dark wood paneling on the south wall and beige wallpaper on the other three walls. The small frame hanging on the right is a photo of my brother John in his Army uniform.


  1. The word we used for couch was divan. Fun to remember these things.

  2. I used to take photos of my kids first day of school. I remember when we had to wear dresses to school. I like those dresses and especially the ones with the bibs in the top one.

  3. You look SO pleased to be heading off to school! LOL

  4. Young ladies for sure...heading for school. Love how your dresses your made.

  5. Where are the smiles? ;)

    Black and white photos are fun. What's interesting is I can see the weird cream and gold wallpaper in my childhood home more clearly when looking at a black and white photo than a color one. (In the color photos from the '70s, the subtle color differences are lost, and it appears there's just ... stained walls?)

  6. How ALL American. The photo of your brother is so typical and honorable in that generation's homes.

  7. No smiles on the first day of school??? You girls look great in your new dresses! My mom made my dresses too for many years.

  8. Great photos Nancy! I remember wearing crinoline petticoats under full skirts. The living room pictures remind me of my own living room--same era. I love it!

  9. Love the old photos, what lovely girls...dressed just so. I had one of those bib things..buttons at the waist and criss cross in the back:)


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