Friday, September 20, 2013

Foreign Friday

Autumn Festival Float
Misawa, Japan
August 1979
The back of this float can be seen in this post. This is obviously a religious float, but I do not know enough about Japanese religions to give you any specifics about the images on this float although I believe the dominant figure is a buddha.

You can read more about the religions practiced in Japan here.


  1. Looks like a heavy float. Is it being carried by hand?

  2. It is certainly very colorful. :-)

  3. Neat! But I'm curious too... *IS* it being carried by hand?!

  4. The float is beautiful. It is interesting that Japan includes such a wide range of religions.

  5. Are those really ladies or statues on the very cool float?

  6. I'll have to check out the links!

  7. That is a really, really impressive float!

  8. Wow, that float is beautiful!


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