Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sock Rockets - a review

I love to knit socks, and I'm always receptive to anything that will make that experience even better, so when I heard about a "new" needle (Sock Rockets) made by skacel, I ordered a pair from Jimmy Beans Wool.

The package insert states, "These Sock Rockets needles combine the sharper tip of the addi Turbo Lace needle with the slick nickel-plated coating of the classic Turbo needle - resulting in the perfect needle to make sock knitting faster and easier!"

The needles arrived soon after I ordered them (thanks, JBW for not disappointing), and I quickly transferred this sock onto the needles.
addi Turbo Sock Rockets
Two circulars method
Clearly you can see from the photo that the needles are long and are clumsy and awkward to use; however, the needles are not available in a 16 inch length - a huge mistake by skacel (addi), in my opinion. These needles fell short of the packet insert's statement that it is. . ."the perfect needle to make sock knitting faster and easier!"

The needles pictured are 24 inches long - the shortest length available. The tips are nice and very similar to my Knit Picks needles. The cables are very pliable and perfect for sock knitting although not as flexible as Knit Picks. The tip and cable join are extremely smooth, and this is where they clearly outshine Knit Picks.
addi Turbo Sock Rockets
Magic Loop method
Okay, I wanted to give the Sock Rockets the benefit of the doubt and tried the Magic Loop method with this sock. The kinky yarn slid like butter over the cable and tip joins, which was nice compared to the snags I was getting with the Knit Picks. The long needle tips were helpful when knitting with the Magic Loop, but I found the 24 inch cable a bit too short: the 32 inch would be better for Magic Loop, but I was not going to invest in another needle at this point. My impressions: too long for knitting socks with two circulars, and too short of the Magic Loop method.

Let's talk price: 
Knit Picks Options - fixed 16 inch circular needles $5.99 each
                               (to be fair, even the 24 inch is $5.99)
addi Turbo Sock Rockets - 24 inch  $13.50 at Jimmy Beans Wool
                               (to be fair, they are also available in a 32 inch length
                               which would work better for Magic Loop sock knitting)

After using these needles on two different socks, using two different methods of knitting, I would give them a "thumbs down" for my sock knitting. Hopefully, I will find another project that suits the length of these needles. If the Sock Rockets are ever available in a 16 inch length, I would purchase them in a heartbeat, but until then, I'll keep using my tried and true Knit Picks 16 inch Options.

Have you tried the Sock Rockets? What was your impression?


  1. This is the first I've heard of Sock Rockets. I love knitting with DPNs so much that I don't have a reason to give them a try. Too bad they didn't work for you.

  2. I know... it is hard to find the "perfect" needle for sock knitting. And I won't even consider going back to DPNs.... I keep dropping the darned things after working with cables for so long. I use a 24" because my hands are so large the tiny tips of the 16"s just don't fit right. But then I have to deal with sliding the socks all around those 24" for rounds and rounds. Why can't they make a 24" size TIP on a 16" size CABLE? I would call that the PERFECT knitting needle for me. Of course, no one else would buy it, so that's probably why! LOL! Happy knitting, Nancy. Can't wait to see your new knitting chair!

  3. I think your sock technique is amazing as it is and am surprised you even tried something new:)

  4. I really appreciate your comments and evaluation of the sock rocket needles. Interesting that they didn't make them in the 16 inch length!! It seems obvious that that would be a perfect length for sock knitters. I still haven't tried the magic loop, so I'm interested in what you think of that method.

  5. Hmmm... Love Addis, but given how many I already have - singles plus the Lace and regular tip interchangeables - I'm pretty sure I won't be trying these.

  6. Well Nancy, my teacher friend, you just taught me some things! And you saved me some money and disappointment! I'm still a wooden needle girl and double point sock knitter for the most part.

  7. I really like the traditional dpn method of knitting socks. I find the HiyaHiya nickle-plated needles are my favorites.

  8. Interesting post, Nancy. Being an old dog, I also usually use dpns for socks. Do these rockets guarantee that one will finish the second sock? LOL

  9. I am personally a fan of hiya hiya needles. I also generally buy the longest length available. I mostly knit two at a time, magic looping so a 60" needle is perfect. I think the Aidi lace are nice, but I will work a hole in my finger using them. g

  10. This is all new to me:)... but I do know how frustrating it must be to have needles that you can't really use!

  11. FANTASTIC review! Great to read a review that is unbiased and not a sponsored product promo. I have to say that I much prefer dpn but I do periodically try circulars and also in other projects as so many of the new cardi patterns for babies and children are knit down on circular. I've said it before and I'm still saying that I have yet to find a good circular. I especially hate the join point. I have used both the 2 circular methods and the magic loop method. It is very interesting to also get your feedback on tips styles etc. Can you imagine a company that would allow knitters to custom order their needles; point style, materials, finish, length. I personally think $13.50 is serious money for needles and I would want them to be perfect for that price. I don't know about you but my collection is huge and STILL I don't always have exactly what I want! Think I will link to this post in one of mine if you don't mind. May I use the photo when doing so?


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