Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swap Scarf

Fall Swap Scarf
started September 9, 2013

I couldn't resist the siren calls of the Noro from KathyB's Fall Swap, and once cast on, it has been hard to resist.

Jared Flood's "pattern" is a 1x1 rib (cast on 39 sts on size 7 needles) and knit two rows of the rib with each skein. On the second row of each color, slip the first and last stitches in the row as if to purl. Those slipped stitches create the nicest edge that will resist rolling.

I am kicking myself for not selecting two brighter skeins to complement the ones I got from KathyB because then the stripes would not be as subtle. Despite that one regret, I am in love with this scarf.

Fair warning: this scarf can be expensive as Noro Silk Garden can be nearly $12 per skein, and the pattern requires four skeins. I was fortunate to receive two skeins in the swap and purchased the other two skeins at 20% off.


  1. Oh, Nancy, it's looking really nice! It will be fun to see how the colors change as it progresses.

  2. Oh, just so lovely!!! Ouch, a little pricey!! Not something I would want to learn with!! But love the colors!! It will be a beauty!


  3. Nancy its outstanding ! i love it. I love how it is striping. What a perfect swap project. SOOO happy you loved that yarn as i do! :)

  4. I love your scarf and I think the colors are gorgeous. I'm so glad you chose the 1 X 1 rib. There is nothing better than Noro Silk Garden!

  5. That scarf will certainly make the grey days of winter much brighter and warmer.

  6. Pretty!! Maybe I need some self-striping to inspire me to knit.

  7. That's such a fun pattern, isn't it? Waiting to see how the colors work out really keeps you interested. It looks nice on both sides, too. DH got the finished one and wears it a lot when it's cold and rainy here.

  8. I love your scarf! It's gorgeous and it looks very fun to knit those colors up!

  9. Great beginning on this scarf. I hope you keep posting photos as it becomes a big scarf...rather than the baby scarf it is now.

  10. oh man, i love noro!! i know the yarn is awfully expensive and whenever i knit with noro i'm horribly upset about all the knots but the results are just soooo beautiful!
    I've knitted two of these scarfs following Jared's 'pattern' and i love them both :)


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