Monday, August 22, 2016

Board Coverup

new fabric for pressing board
The large pressing board in my sewing room has needed a new cover for quite some time, and those available online that would fit the 24 x 60 inch board are only white/cream and covered with a gird. I wanted color and something that would not show scorch marks too much. The large-print 60 inch wide fabric (100% cotton) was found at Walmart for $3.00 a yard. It's a home decorator fabric (heavier weight), so its perfect a board coverup. The design makes me smile: it reminds me of the illustrations in Dr. Seuss books.
ironing station with a new cover
The new board cover was completed at Marilyn's house a couple of weeks ago and put it on the pressing board as soon as I got home. The original cover had string in the channel around the edge, but for this cover, I used a flat, nylon rope and a spring fastener from an old sweatshirt hood string to keep the rope taut.

I purchased a black, white, and grey print for Marilyn's board, which is not as wide as my board, so some adjustments were made in the "pattern."


  1. That is a nifty ironing station! Very clever and your fabric is so pretty. Using a heavier weight home dec fabric is a great idea.

  2. Looks very nice!!! Great Job

  3. Great idea! It's funny. I was thinking, "that looks like Dr. Seuss." And them I read your post! Great minds and all! Ha!

  4. What a great idea! I love the pressing board cover. I'm always on the look-out for fabrics to brighten things up. I also press on a board in the craft room but I usually use thick towels on it. I have some red bandana fabric that might work if I wash it first to make sure it doesn't bleed color. Hmmmmm.

  5. My Mom made us Ironing board covers out of heavier material years ago and mine is still good, I don't iron often. Your cover is very pretty! :)

  6. LOVE your ironing board cover. I've never thought to use decorator fabric for it. I love having colorful covers and I have never missed the add ons of the silver fabric. I know some folks really like their special fabric but not me.

  7. I use a lot of starch. A lot. So I have recovered mine several times. I like to use the yellow striped utility fabric that is used for pillow ticking. It is very tightly woven and if I take care putting it on, I can use the stripes to my advantage when pressing things to keep them on grain.

  8. Fabulous fabric! Love it. I use a lot of home decorator fabrics for table cloths.

  9. How fun! I would be reciting lines from Dr. Suess books as I pressed...and looking for Thing 1 and Thing 2! It also has a bit of an Asian flair to it, reminding me of your photos from Japan.


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