Sunday, July 26, 2009

Knitting on the Road

I always wanted to knit some scrubbies out of mesh or netting, but I didn't have a pattern until I located this pattern, called Dish Cloth Duo. It is also available in a similar crochet version. I found some tulle at the thrift shop and experimented before I purchased another roll for a road trip knitting project.

The 6-inch rolls of tulle can usually be found in the bridal aisle of Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc. Try to find some without the shimmer or glitter because you will be paying extra without any real benefit. Pull the cardboard tube out of the middle of the roll and using some old scissors, cut the roll in half. You are now ready to begin knitting.

I used size 11 bamboo needles because I did not want to scratch my metal needles. I discovered that each scrubby takes about 12 yards of 3-inch wide tulle. The rolls of tulle vary in length: the smallest roll I found had 25 yards of 6-inch tulle which provided 50 yards of tulle when cut in half, resulting in 4 scrubbies.

When you finish knitting, your object will be this shape. Leave a tail of about 8 inches so you can finish the scrubbie.

Match the cast on edge with the bound off edge. Pin if necessary.

The edges will snuggle up against one another forming a tube. Using one of the tails, stitch the two edges together. Do not cut the tail.

Use the tail to go through the slipped stitches.

Pull the stitches so the tube closes tightly on this one end.

If the tail is long enough to go through the stitches at the other end, then repeat the process. If not, secure the tail and use the other tail to gather the slipped stitches.

Now flatten the scrubby so the gathered stitches are together. I secured the two sides together a few times to allow the scrubby to keep its shape.

Being confined in a vehicle on the open road gave me a lot of time to work on scrubbies. I completed 20 scrubbies for my sister's Longaberger Breast Cancer Walk. She will place the scrubbies in baskets ordered by her walkers.


  1. Nancy that is so cool. They are beautiful as well. I am going to have to make myself a few.

  2. good morning...Love those scrubbies.
    Have a beautiful Sunday..

  3. I made one of these before from cotton yarn. I never thought of using tulle. Good idea!


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