Monday, July 27, 2009

Yikes, Bugs!

It was late when we neared Jamestown, ND last week, and it became obvious we were in a moist, humid environment. We had to exit and scrub the windshield a couple of times just to see the road.

I have never seen so many bugs at one time. Even the doors and side mirrors were caked with bugs. It took two cycles at the car wash to get rid of the remains.


  1. Boy, I bet all the motorcycle riders drove thru with their mouths shut! Aren't you glad you drove thru and not walked through that wall of bugs??

  2. Oh wow!! That is just disgusting!! Maybe you should get one of those bug shield thingies that goes on the front of the car and deflects and catches the bugs. That is just GROSS my phriend!! :)

  3. Wow..That is nasty....I am happy you were IN the vehicle...LOL


  4. That is how the front of my car looked on my trip, I washed it twice on the trip then took it to the big car wash when I got home and paid someone to clean it.


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