Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mission Quilts

Two Fridays a month a group of ladies gather in the fellowship hall of my church. They are members of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League, and one of their missions is to provide serviceable quilts to those in need.

These quilts are made out of discarded polyester clothing and polyester yardage. Step One: cutting the squares. Several sizes of squares are made, so nearly all of the fabric is used.

The squares are sent to the next station where they are organized and then selected for quilt tops.

Step Two: sew the blocks into a flimsy (quilt top)

Step Four: prepare the quilt "sandwich" with the top, a used blanket for the batting, and a bed sheet for the backing.

Step Three: tack the bed sheet or quilt backing to the frame.

Step Four: place the batting (old blanket) and quilt top on the frame and secure with pins.

Step Five: Tie the quilt with yarn to secure all three layers.

Step Five: Send the tied quilt back to the sewing group where the excess backing is turned and now serves as the binding for the quilt.

Mission Accomplished. Materials have been saved from the landfill, and attractive and durable quilts are the result of this labor of love.


  1. What a great cause! Like my grandma always said, "waste not,want not". What a good use for discarded garments!

  2. Good Morning, Nancy. Thanks for the tutorial. Our church ladies do something similar.How are your quilts disbursed? Is there a certain charity that you send them to?

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Successful by all accounts. You are one resourceful and talented group. Inspiring!

  4. those are wonderful, Nancy! I love that you recycle clothing for them.

  5. I am always soooo inspired by your projects!! Wish I could sew, knit etc. but I didn't learn. Have tried to find knitting lessons here but no luck!!

  6. I like these quilts--functional, warm and very hard to wear out.


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