Sunday, July 19, 2009

Historic Mansion

One of my favorite activities is touring old houses. While on a trip to Duluth, MN with my sisters, I had the pleasure of touring the Glensheen Mansion. The house is absolutely beautiful and has an intriguing history (murder and suspense included).

How I would have loved to spend more time there. If you go, I recommend taking the actual tour of the house, especially the top floor which is an extra charge but well worth it.


  1. The house looks fabulous! I'd love to take a tour!

  2. Such a huge place! You need a tour guide just to keep from getting lost.

  3. Hi, Nancy! I dropped off the blogging planet last May, but I am gradually easing myself back into it (just reading right now, no writing). I've spent the past half hour or so catching up on your blog posts via my google reader. You've accomplished so much knitting! :-)

    I just had to take time to comment on this particular post, when I recognized the Glensheen Mansion. My husband and I toured it two years ago last fall, and we still talk about what a gorgeous house it was. Can you imagine living in such a place?? I have a very close friend who gives tours there. If your tour guide was a tall woman with short, dark, curly hair, with an extremely outgoing personality, then it was likely my friend. She gave us our tour, and it was fascinating!


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