Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids Just Want. . .

to have FUN

Kids + Water = Lots of Laughs

My niece (in the black suit at right) watches over her children (my three-year old great-niece, Rose, and two-year old great-nephew, Jesse) while they burn off some energy. Preparing to descend the slide is another one of my great-nieces, Nicole, who is ten.

I don't have the opportunity to see these children very much, so I spent as much time with them as I could while I was in Fargo, ND. We went to the carnival at the Red River Valley County Fair and played around their grandmother's house. So much energy is packed is such small bundles.


  1. What fun! Kids can really wear you out. We're helping raise our grand daughter, they live with us. Had her since she was 2 days of age, she'll be 5 in October. Busy child!

  2. this is a good picture. I like how the light reflects off of your niece's hair.


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