Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Matter of Inches

The main reason I don't like to cut fabric for quilts is that my "cutting table" (actually a folding, resin table) is just too low. I always get a backache that troubles me for days. I considered purchasing bed risers, but the cost to raise the table to the necessary height took my breath away. Since each riser is 3.5 inches, I would need a minimum of three risers for each table leg (a total of three sets of bed risers), and the cost would have been over $70 US. Yikes!

Feasible? I don't think so. So, I limited the time I spent at the cutting table.

I considered using cement blocks, but they would not offer enough height without stacking. I considered gallon-size cans, but they would be too short on their own. No solution came to mind.

Then this week I discovered the solution. when one of the Stashbusters members posted on the group message board about using PVC table extenders. I knew this idea was worth pursuing because PVC pipe is durable, light-weight, and best of all, inexpensive.

I purchased a length of pipe at Ace Hardware and had it cut in 13 inch sections, resulting in nine segments. The "extenders" were very inexpensive: $4.00 US for the pipe, averaging an incredible $ .44 for each extender.

I slipped each table leg into a PVC segment, and now the table is a comfortable height. I am eager to see if this eliminates my backaches. If not, I am only out $4.

The bins to the left of the table are filled with yarn, and the bins under the table hold fabric and spare bedding. If the clutter bothers me, I may construct a table skirt out of a thrifted sheet.

Bonus: I have five extenders left, enough for another table and a spare.


  1. What a great idea. I can use it, too. In October my sorority makes apple pies for a fundraiser. I always take buckets to put under my table legs because it kills my back to bend over rolling out the crust for hours. At home, I use the kitchen counter when I cut for the same reason.

  2. Great idea!!! Am sure you will have a easier time.

  3. What a thrifty idea! Glad it worked for you.If you made a skirt for the table,it would also keep dust out of your bins.
    Blessings, Sarita


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