Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vegas Socks - revisited

Vegas Socks
February 2016
These were fun socks to knit - the striping was consistent throughout the yarn and resulted in matching socks without any fuss.

Knitting notes can be seen on this earlier post.

One ounce of yarn remains and will be adequate to knit a baby hat.


  1. I love the colors. Isn't it nice when you can use the leftover yarn.

  2. That is a terrific job of matching stripes. Great socks!

  3. A perfect match. And very pretty, too.

  4. How many do you cast on for the baby hat again? Love the socks. I have such sock fever right now. Can't knit enough socks. SO many great yarns to pick from and mix up.

  5. Love these socks. Such a fun colorway it's going to make a great baby hat!

  6. I just don't get how anyone does this. Lol They're beautiful, Nancy!

  7. Oh wow! A perfect match. So great when that happens.

  8. I have a pair of socks in this yarn started ... if only I could find it!


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