Friday, February 12, 2016

Foreign Friday

Sanbongi Nougyou Agricultural School
Towada, Japan
August 1979
I loved the chalkboard in this classroom and the box of "CHALK" on the teacher's desk. This teacher was obviously engaging because the students were forced on his lesson.

Other photos from this school can be seen here.


  1. I love that chalkboard. In my grand-children's classes they don't use them anymore, now they use wipe off boards.

  2. This teacher appears to have a passion for his subject and for teaching. That's the best kind of teacher.

  3. Algebra????

    I remember it was a privilege to clean the chalk board at the end of class.

  4. I was so glad to have my chalk boards replaced with white boards years ago. Chalk made my hands itch terribly.

  5. I always liked chalk boards too.
    Yes, the students look very engaged in the lesson, math way above my head!

  6. They look so formal in their dress. Was it a uniform they had to wear?

  7. Fantastic "class in action" shot. Smart Uniforms make everyone look, smarter dare I say? I don't think uniforms are a necessity, just visually it's nice. My son's public school has a very loose uniform, but personally I think it's saved me a lot of money and time this past year and half.

  8. All dressed up in suits. I wonder if he got chalk dust all over his.


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