Friday, February 26, 2016

Foreign Friday

View of fields in China
December 1979
When the tour group was staying in Hong Kong, we took a bus to the border of China. We did not go into China, but from a hilltop we had a good view of the farms along the border. I'm fairly certain that these are rice fields.

Yes, that is smog on the horizon in 1979. I can only imagine how much thicker it is now.

A photo of me standing at the border can be seen in this post.


  1. It's a beautiful picture even with the smog in the background. I actually thought it was fog, which would have been much nicer.

  2. The rice fields remind me a bit of the cranberry bogs here in Wisconsin.

  3. Amazing photograph! Somehow I don't think of rice fields as having roads through them and houses built right on the edges. Amazing!

  4. Ditto what Katherine said. I remember the smog of Los Angeles in the early 70's. Thank goodness people are getting smarter and more careful with mother earth. Pictures seen now do not have smog showing up now. (not sure if it comes in due to weather changes....) Interesting look at rice fields.

  5. What a beautiful photo! China's pollution problem has been pretty infamous.

  6. Beautiful photo ---- I love how a bit of the pine tree near you made it into the edge.

    It's an interesting way to live for sure. I'm guessing flooding is a common problem not just for the paddys, but for the houses that are there too.

  7. I've always found rice growing to be interesting. I wonder why each one has a house standing in the water, or over it.

  8. What an interesting photo! I wonder how it looks now?


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