Monday, February 29, 2016

Mountain View

snowy view through the trees
near Jackson, WY
taken April or May 1978
As this photo illustrates, sometimes Winter in Wyoming can hang on late into the "Spring" months, especially in the upper country. Typically, Winter loosens its grasp in April, but sometimes it holds on until May.

I wonder what it will do this year?


  1. Have you had much snow this year? We've had an extremely mild winter in Texas.

  2. Well that sounds like Chicago weather! we are expecting and ice storm tonight and snow storm tomorrow. Im going to like March no matter what this year! Im hoping for a real spring this year.

  3. Lovely view. I am just wishing very much for some more rain out our way. We got a little and more than last year, but not enough for the warm weather to settle completely. I write this as I wear open toed sandals and a dress with cardigan to work ... no jacket. expected high today is 73.

  4. Beautiful photo, but I am hoping that winter loosens its grip in April. A few years ago we had a blizzard on May 5 - 18". I was not thrilled. May is supposed to be warm and GREEN. :-) Have a great Monday.

  5. I wonder too, we were 50 on Saturday and then Sunday AM close to zero...and a real cold wind:(

  6. We had a little "teaser" of spring over the weekend with 60 degrees. But this afternoon there is snow moving in again. I'm hoping for an early spring, but we never know here either.

  7. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr......that snowy scene gave me a little chill!


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