Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Timely Message

new mural on the Free Wall
Laramie, WY
June 2020

I spotted this beautiful, new mural on the Free Wall last week when I went downtown to photograph the additions to the COVID-19 mural. 

The artist did an amazing job on this depiction on Martin Luther King, Jr.  


  1. I enjoy seeing all the murals. Thank you for posting the pictures. :)

  2. That's a lovely mural. Quite impactful. When I was married to my ex, I used to have MLK's signature in my house. My ex and his brothers met him as children on a plane. He graciously gave them all a personalized autograph. I treasured it, but had to let it go with the ex.

  3. Great likeness. Beautiful mural. I am listening to 1619 the podcast . Zach recommended it. I am learning a lot about slavery and slaves who first arrived in the colonies.. Dr. KIng made such a lasting impact and that mural reminds me of his words and his actions.

  4. My goodness that artist did a very good job. It looks so much like Dr. King.

  5. That is an amazing portrait!

  6. Nice reminder of all he stood for-great art work!

  7. Was he a local artist? It really is remarkably well done.


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