Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back in Time - School Days

country school students
Art S. (center back), Charlie S. (back right)
Provo, SD
date unknown
The small country school at the Prairie Museum in Colby, Kansas sparked my interest in finding and posting the three photos that I have of my dad. I don't have a clue where I got these photos because my family didn't have many photos of my dad's side of the family. These probably are photos of photos that were on display at the last family reunion.

Art S. at right holding his school lunch pail.
near Provo, SD
date unknown
Dad and his siblings rode horses to school (probably about 4 miles one way) when the weather was nice and in buggies and wagons when the weather was nasty.

Art S. - far right
going to school on a winter day
date unknown
I don't know if my dad graduated, but I would guess he was needed on the farm and did not go past the eighth grade.

Brenda and Marilyn
Prairie Museum - Colby, Kansas
August 2015
The one-room school house at the Prairie Museum was probably very similar to the one where my dad went to school.   Hmmm, what is Brenda giggling about in this photo?

Brenda obviously wasn't working on her lesson
when I took the photo of her and Marilyn!


  1. Things sure were different back then. It's rare today for parents to let their children walk even a couple of blocks to school.

  2. It is wonderful that you got access to those photos. I agree that things have changed so much, but certainly not all for the better. People had less complicated lives, no TV, no computers, and learned the value of hard work, respect, perseverance... so unlike today's society, often rude and selfish and in need of instant gratification.

  3. My mother rode horseback to school in Montana and in the winter would lay on the horse to try to keep warm.

  4. Great old photos of your Dad going to school! I enjoyed seeing them! :)

  5. IT is so great to see old photos and people smiling in them!!! I would have loved to ride a horse to school, but then I'd probably never stop riding!

  6. I love how you blended the story/photos of your father's school time and of your visit to the school house. Those are some serious Little House on the Prairie vibes.

  7. My grandmother only went to the 4th grade as she was needed at home. I love seeing old photos. We have quite a few one room school houses here in Wisconsin, we love taking the grand children to visit them.

  8. Aren't old photos fun? Sure wish they could talk though.

  9. Those photos are quite a treasure; they tell much about the times. Good one of Brenda and Marilyn too!

  10. I love old photos! Have I mentioned that you can upload photos to That way anyone related to the subjects would be able to find them.


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