Friday, September 25, 2015

Foreign Friday

Shinto Shrine
southern Japan
April 1980

The thick rope hanging in the archway is called shimenawa and is woven from rice straw. The white paper, hanging from the rope is called shide.  The rope signifies a sacred or holy space.

Believers would approach the shrine, throw a coin into offertory box, then summon God to the shrine by pulling on the long rope suspended in the middle. Believers then bow twice and make a wish with their heart, clap twice, and bow deeply once more.


  1. The rope is amazing and I notice how much thicker it is in the center section. A work of art even though it is such simple. What an interesting place.

  2. An interesting ritual. The rope is quite impressive.

  3. Good wishes to you this weekend, Nancy!

  4. What a beautiful tradition. Love this

  5. I love the varied traditions that aren't so different after all. My church as a rope and bell. Maybe I can find the wedding photo of a groomsman ringing the bell... or pulling on the rope in the church if you prefer.

  6. Your Friday postings give such a feel for the countries you visited. Excellent job!

  7. The rope is amazing, thanks for linking to it. I love learning about things I have not seen before.


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