Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bowl Plaza

Bowl Plaza
Lucas, KS
August 2015
Be prepared to be amazed at the artistry that we found at Bowl Plaza in Lucas, Kansas. While researching places to visit on our trip, Brenda discovered that Lucas was known not only for the Garden of Eden but also for Bowl Plaza, one of the World's Most Artsy Public Restrooms.

Since the Garden of Eden attracts over 10,000 visitors a year, the town (population 400) realized it needed a public restroom, and you really have to see this yourself to appreciate its beauty. Yes, I actually believe this restroom is beautiful.

When you park in front of the building, you will notice a large roll of toilet paper that is unrolling toward the building. The "paper" becomes the sidewalk.

The front of the building represents the tank on a toilet complete with a handle for flushing. The mosaic design is the lid. Note the arched benches on the side represent the toilet bowl, but look what's inside the toilet bowl. . .

This sculpture shows everything under the sun swirling around as the bowl was "flushed." Note the cute dog, sneaking a drink from the toilet bowl.

Okay, that was cute, but what was inside the building will amaze you.


sink in the women's bathroom
wall opposite the sink in the women's bathroom
same wall as above, but a different angle.
note the four seasons are represented
men's restroom
Yes, I have no shame. . .the door to the men's restroom was wide open with no one inside, so I ventured in and snapped some photos.

wall next to the sink in the men's restroom
mirror above sink in men's restroom
wall opposite the sink in men's restroom
The artwork was clever, humorous, and creative, and it was beautiful. By creating and maintaining this gorgeous public restroom, the citizens of Lucas, Kansas certainly know how to make a visitor feel welcome and special.

I recommend you visit this small town and marvel at the artistry of its citizens and the pride they have in their community.


  1. Oh my that was so awesome! Thank you for sharing:) Loved the toilet paper roll the best.....just so clever.

  2. That would be amazing in a large town, but for one that size makes it even more impressive. Love all the mosaics and the creativity. What draws so many to this small town?

  3. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it before. Unique and quirky.

  4. That's so funny and beautiful too! My mom rated all bathrooms we visited. NOT one was clean enough for her..

  5. This is so interesting and intricate! What a find! It makes me laugh.

  6. Wow that is really something! So many stores say "NO Public Restrooms" so to find one in a small town Yeah for Lucas KS!! :)

  7. this was amazing! Loved the little cars in the circles on the men's room walls. This place is worth the stop!

  8. So unique. So creative. So artistic. What a show place for a public bathroom!

  9. Incredible workmanship and creativity...and in Kansas of all places! That is truly a labor of love. I cannot imagine the time it took to design and place each piece. What fun that must have been!


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