Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sock Ruler - a review

Sock Ruler
Cheryl gave me a "sock ruler" several months ago, and when I started knitting sock again recently, I've been using it a lot. The ruler is made of flexible plastic.

One end is curved, which would be helpful for toe-up sock knitters to measure the length from the toe to the heel, but it can also be used by top-down knitters for the heel to the toe measurements. More detailed information can be seen on the Sock Ruler website.

Thanks, Cheryl for giving me this helpful knitting tool.

Note: I did not receive compensation for this review. 

I'm finally knitting with the sock yarn panel that I wrote about here.


  1. That's a pretty neat little ruler with a clever design.

  2. A friend just made one. She said it is very useful.

  3. Now that looks like a pretty handy tool. I love the colorful sock yarn going into this pair.

  4. That was a great gift from Cheryl! Before I got my sock ruler my socks were always different by a fraction of an inch. Now they match--or come much closer to matching. It's a wonderful tool.

  5. Some of the tools out there are just THe BEST!!!! This looks like a winner

  6. I definitely have to get this tool. Thanks for sharing a link for it.

  7. Hum, interesting concept. It probably measures more accurately than a tape measure at the side (I knit top down....) I'll keep my eyes out for one of these although living in the south wool or wool blend socks are way too hot for me over the summer.


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