Friday, September 18, 2015

Foreign Friday

Pepsi advertisement
photo taken through bus window
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979
On our trip to southeast Asia in December 1979, it was fun to see common, American logos with foreign writing.


  1. Good logo. Recognizable in any language.

  2. It's interesting that anyone would know it is a Pepsi sign even without being able to read the writing.

  3. I don't' think I've ever seen anything similar...that's cute, and I like that it makes my brain think it's backwards.


  4. Could recognize it but sure couldn't say it. Can you speak a little Thai?

  5. That Pepsi sign does look pretty weird! Ha.

  6. I would definitely recognize that sign.

  7. My mom always said she could speak the language in what ever country she was visiting in. Her example would be Coke/Coca Cola or beer. A lot of the signs were in English. Although I know she traveled in the Orient a lot so I'm not sure what she claimed there.


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