Monday, September 14, 2015

Swap Progress

It’s official, the Take & Replace Swap box is on the move, and it is going to be traveling from shore to shore. How fun is that!

Participants (click on their names to check out their blogs) in mailing order include:

Kathyb (Illinois) posted photos of her take from the box here

Grace (New Jersey)

Judy (Wisconsin)

Sylvia – no blog (South Dakota)

Kay – no blog (Wyoming)

Paula (Colorado)

Ellen (California)

Me (Wyoming)

I’ll email the mailing addresses to the participants when the person before them receives the box. An email will also be sent with the tracking number once the box has been mailed.

Hopefully, each person will post a photo of the items they took on their blog. Want to join? I can add your name to the list, if let me know by 5 PM today. 

That USPS truck you see zipping down the road just might be carrying the Take & Replace Swap box to its next location. 


  1. Kathy pulled some great goodies from the box...and I suspect others are looking forward to seeing the box on their doorstep!

  2. Fun idea. Kathy got some great things.

  3. I had fun! thanks Nancy. I hope Grace gets the swap box today or tomorrow

  4. That was a fun idea you started! Looks like everyone is having fun, too.

  5. Glad you listed everyone. I found some fine new blogs to check out.

    Happy swapping!

  6. Oh I loved the listing to visit the participants!


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