Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wildfire Socks

Wildfire socks
women's size 10
Christy, a member of the Fiber Guild, is a sales rep for several yarn companies, and each year she gives her samples away to interested Guild members. It is fairly common to leave her house with more than one bag of yummy yarn. I love being able to knit with brands that cannot be found locally.

Last year, Christy had three sock flats (panels) that caught my eye, one a bright red. This summer the news was once more filled images of wildfires, and the smoky skies created vivid, red sunsets: thus, I named this yarn and the socks I knit, Wildfire.

Yarn: Regia - Creativ (sock blank)

Needles : turbo Sock Rockets, 16 inch circulars, US 2

Pattern: plain vanilla socks with ribbed cuff

Unfamiliar with sock blanks (yarn panels)? I've posted about one several years ago.


  1. The color is gorgeous! I like the way it gradually shifts from dark on the cuff, light on the foot, and back to dark on the toe.

  2. love the color and the size is perfect!!! :)

  3. Such a beautiful pair of socks. I see them with blue jeans...looking great

  4. I've never knit from a sock blank but have been tempted to buy one many times. Do you wind the yarn into a ball or do you knit right off of the blank? The color is wonderful!

  5. Perfect name for these socks!! I haven't tried knitting from a blank either.

  6. Nice! I have a sock blank somewhere....... It's not as pretty as this one though.

  7. Yummy color, but then I like everything that is red.

  8. They turned out beautifully!

    How nice that you get to try some sample yarns. This one is really an interesting red.

  9. What beautiful socks...perfect for fall!


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