Monday, September 7, 2015

Nothing. . .

found on Pinterest

Anyone who is retired can appreciate the humor behind this quote. One of the hardest things for others to accept is that even though you are retired, it does not mean that you have to say "Yes" to their requests simply because "you are no longer working." One of the benefits of retirement is setting your own schedule and selecting the activities and obligations that you really want to do.

On this Labor Day, I am doing "nothing," and I'm loving it!

* * *

P.S. Did you see the post on Wednesday about the Take and Replace Swap that I'm organizing?
        The box is filled (it's stuffed with yarn and patterns) and ready to send
        You have until September 14th to join
        Click on the link and leave a comment if you're interested.

•  As of Friday, six individuals from New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming have joined the Swap. Want to join the fun? Click here.


  1. Oh how I would love to be doing nothing today! (Actually have to be at work today--campuses in NC are open for business and classes today.) Enjoy your day!

  2. I am also enjoying a "nothing" day with no obligations. The husband left this morning on a business trip, so the house is all MINE for the day. Sewing for awhile. Yay!

  3. Sometimes NOTHING is the perfect thing to be doing.

  4. It's amazing how nothing takes a big chunk of my day. I didn't sleep last night so this afternoon, my nap is a priority.

  5. NOw that is putting it perfectly!

  6. I definitely can relate to that.

  7. Ha, ha, ha. That's a good one! I love being able to pick and chose my work and activities.


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