Monday, July 7, 2014

I Get By. . .

Sometimes my blog posts originate from a photo or a memory. Recently the Beatles' tune, "With a little help from my friends" has been popping into my head.

In recent years, I have been blessed with some help from local and cyber-land friends.

Frequent readers may recall:
    •  yarn donations from RenaLois, Kathy, Katheryn, and Mary
    •  quilt blocks from Sue (here, here, and here), gMarie, Connie
    •  knitting needles from Connie
    •  ornament from Dee
    •  placemats and mug mat from Julie
    •  pumpkin from Doniene
    •  books and yarn from Bridget
    •  swaps by KathyB (herehere, and here)

Marie helped translate a German phrase for my niece who was transcribing her grandmother's diaries.

I know that many individuals are afraid to comment and/or to open themselves up to other bloggers. While a chance of finding some unsavory individuals does exist, an opportunity to find many wonderful friends is more likely. I've had the pleasure of meeting some blogging friends: Sara and JuliaBev and Lori and look forward to meeting many more.

A couple of weeks ago, I started a twined rug, and as it progressed, I began thinking about how difficult and tight the final rows can be. I wondered if a hemostat would work, and I asked Julie, a cardio nurse, if the hospital ever discarded some old ones. Last week, I was completely surprised when I opened her package and found a variety of tools. They worked perfectly, and it will be fun to experiment with which size works best. Thank you, Julie

 Do you have a cyber-friend story to share?


  1. I traveled to Iowa several years ago to meet the founder and local volunteers of The Preemie Project, a charity group I knitted and sewed for. It was a wonderful experience!

  2. A wonderful blogger named Nancy sent me an apron that I wear all the time! :-)

    I haven't met blogging friends in real life yet, but I have formed friendships online.

  3. Love is expressed in infinite just the way we need it in the moment. This post shows such wonderful gratitude. You are a blessing to so many of us as well.

  4. ah the hemostat solution! Love it.
    SO many lovely knit pal stories to share. Pretend friends are the best.
    I just received an unexpected package from Kim Dean with a great book to read. Diagnosing Giants came on the perfect day for me…i was kind of blue and it really helped

  5. Blog buddies are the icing on the cake! My family, friends, clients all become intermingled as they go in and out of my daily life. At the end of the day I sit down, put my feet up and say a happy "whew." When I open the blogs and read and comment on my favorites they top off the day and keep me grounded. I've met such sweet, wonderful people on the blogs that I can't separate them from the day to day friends. Thanks Nancy for being part of the icing on my cake!

  6. Oh my blog buddies are the best as are knitters, crafters in general. There is so much good human spirit and inspiration in the online community. You are a prime example of that!

  7. Socks..someone who is a great knitter sent me socks:)

  8. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of my fellow bloggers. Cyber frriends have now become IRL friends. I feel like I have "touch points" all over the world.

    I have truly been amazed and blessed by blogging.

  9. Blogging friends are great! I've met a few; in fact yesterday I had lunch with one who lives in our area now. Like Dee says, it's fun to feel connected all over the map.

  10. I love how blogging has introduced me to so many quilting and knitting friends!

  11. Oh, I have so many cyber-friend stories! You have been a lovely, generous cyber-friend to me, and we wouldn't have met without dear KathyB... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!


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