Friday, July 18, 2014

Foreign Friday

Sake guys
Southern Japan
April 1980
One evening our tour group visited a small sake and sushi bar. The two guys in the photo entertained our group and served us all kinds of sake: some was served warm and in wooden cups. I still have one of the wooden cups but use it for trinkets.

Sake is quite strong and can sneak up on you, so make sure you have a designated driver.

Our group ate a variety of sushi at this bar, too. One of the most memorable appetizers we had was horse meat, sliced very thin and marinated in some kind of sauce.

signatures of the Sake guys are in
Japanese. Members of the tour
group are in English. 

Have you tried Sake? Did you like it?


  1. My Dad had a little Sake set but he never opened it.

  2. You may find it unusual to learn that I've never tried any alcoholic beverage. I have tried sushi, but won't eat a roll with any uncooked meat or fish in it (just a mental thing) and don't like the flavor the nori wrappers (tastes very fishy to me) on vegetable rolls.I guess I wouldn't fair very well in Japan.

  3. I've never tried sake, but I do love sushi. I tried that in San Fransisco the first time. I have a beautiful Japanese tea set displayed in my china cabinet that my uncle brought to my mother after he was stationed in Japan in the mid 1950s. It has eggshell porcelain cups with silhouettes of geisha faces showing through the bottoms of the cups. I really love it.

  4. I HAVE tried Sake. I would put it in the "take it, or leave it" category. It does, however, go very well with sushi.

  5. No Sake for me! Zach leaves for Mexico Sunday to teach for a month . I Have such great feelings about this. I hope he takes advantage of all he can see and absorb in the Yucatan Peninsula. You are a great teacher and your memories speak to your love of it

  6. I tried it once and liked it but my eyes glazed over after the first cup. I decided I was safer to stick with tea.

  7. Yes! I prefer the cold sake both unfiltered and filtered. Just a bit, not too much :)

    Surprisingly I'm not a huge raw sushi eater, despite my love of raw oysters. However I do enjoy Japanese cuisine very much.

  8. Good picture of the sake guys and a cool memento of signatures. No, I have never tried sake...and I'm not a sushi fan either... my adventurous side is not in the food category, ... unfortunately.

  9. My folks were gifted a bottle of sake, and we brought it out one night when we had guests (2 Japanese friends of my sister). We opened the bottle, and tried a sip, and it tasted AND smelled like sweaty gym shoes! Yuck! BUT, they said to warm it up a bit, so into a pan on the stove it went, and it was the BEST stuff! And yes! totally sneaks up on you! lol


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