Friday, June 22, 2018

Please, Spell Check

near Parker, CO
June 2018
Brenda (my niece) snapped this photo on her daily walk. It appears that someone in the sign department failed spelling. . .

Other humorous things that Brenda has spotted:

         Stop sign with speed monitor

         Free parking sign

         Unusual drain spout


  1. Oh my those photo's made me laugh...thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are really great photos!

  3. A wonderful morning laugh - thanks! I'm always quite amazed that no one else looks at these things and notices the spelling BEFORE they make the sign. Or at least before they stuck it on a post in the ground.

  4. I love to spot misspells on signs! This is funny!

  5. Really? That first one is real and they installed it anyhow! lol

  6. I love finding unintentionally funny signs.

    Yes ...the downspout one is the best.

  7. Funny but kind of sad too, it seems sometimes that people don’t take much pride in their work anymore or that sign would have never gotten through production, inspection, receiving and installation. So many eyes on it and yet no one saw the error!
    I do love the downspout. :-)

  8. Spell checking seems to be a thing of the past, I guess. (In our area actually stopping at stop signs seems to have lost favor, too.?)


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