Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chameleon Socks

woman's size 10
June 2018
As I knit these socks, I was intrigued how the yarn seemed to change color depending on the lighting conditions. Under artificial light, it tends to be brown and gray, but under natural light it has more of a green tint. These are my chameleon socks -  pair #8 for the 2018 Box of Socks.

same socks - different lighting

Yarn:  Patons Kroy Socks FX (Camo Colors 1009)
            75% wool, 25% nylon

Needles: US size 2

Stitch Count: 64 stitiche - ribbed cuff, 60 stitches foot


  1. Fun! You could almost count them as two pair!! I'm impressed that you have 8 pair completed by early June - well done.

  2. I Love those! What can I swap for a size 4-5 pair of sockies!!! What do you possibly need??!!!

  3. BIG difference. Kroy makes some good, hard-wearing socks!

  4. Oh my! Kinda like colors that change depending on what else you happen to be wearing.

    I'm way behind on my Box o' Socks - good thing I'm doing it for fun, and not trying to be "official"!

  5. That is interesting! I have made socks using that yarn and even that colorway and didn’t notice that. They are in Japan now so I’ll have to ask Alex to test them in different lighting! Ha! Great job on the box of socks! Eight pair by June is fantastic. Blessings, Betsy

  6. Lovely! It's amazing how much light affects colour.

  7. How interesting to see the color change. My last car had a paint color that did that. It looked beige in daylight and had a green tint under grey sky or at twilight.

  8. Lovely pair of socks-the colors really add a nice dimension to their finish!

  9. You are filling up that box quickly with only 4 to go and it's only June! Nice work.

  10. Oh my gosh they really do change color! Funny how that happened! Hooray for a box of socks I think WHen I finish my log cabin socks will call me


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