Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Reclaiming Yarn

close-up of the knit sweater
Two afternoons last week, I sat on the deck while reclaiming yarn from a sweater I purchased for $1 at a garage sale last August. I forgot to take a photo of the turtleneck sweater before I started.

The sweater label states the fiber content: 85% silk and 15% cashmere.

the result of one afternoon's work:
the sweater front and back raveled
June 2018
The sweater pieces came apart very easily and the raveling proceeded without a hitch. I love my PVC niddy noddy for winding the yarn into a hank.

I was surprised that the three-needle bind off was used on the shoulder seams of this sweater. It's a technique rarely seen on commercially produced sweaters.

three hanks of yarn reclaimed
June 2018
The yarn still needs a bath to clean the fiber and to relax the kinks, but that will wait for another day. I have plans to knit a shawl with this yarn.


  1. Nice! I've never thought of doing that (unraveling a sweater to reclaim the yarn). What a deal for $1!! And that color will make a fabulous shawl.

  2. It is very satisfying to do that. I've done it with my own knit sweaters that just didn't make the grade.

  3. 5 Stars for YOU!!!!!! A goal of mine is to do that. Unraveling never works for me......I'd go to my LYS and they'd help me I bet

  4. FABULOUS!!! How do you know whether the yarn is one strand as opposed to cut at the seams?

    That yarn is going to make a lovely shawl and the reclaimed part makes it even better.

  5. I imagine that yarn will feel luxurious once it's washed and relaxed. Reclaiming the yarn is a great way to recycle.

  6. I am impressed by everything you do. I would like to know more about your yarn bath.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I will try this. I enjoy seeing everything you make. :)

  7. What a great yarn for a shawl-nice work and a good reason for unraveling!!!!

  8. That's awesome! I have an Alpaca/Silk sweater that I made Dave years ago that I need to unravel. It stretched out (before I knew what makes a good sweater fibre) on him and is unwearable.
    It will make a lovely shawl for me though!

  9. Nice find. I have an Aran sweater I made years ago. If I were industrious I would unravel it and reuse the yarn for something. Maybe a shorter sweater and one bigger around. I know I still have some of the yarn in the wrapper too. I need a new project?

  10. I LOVE this! I have yet to find a sweater in a thrift store made with quality yarn for a decent price. I keep looking though.

  11. Silk and cashmere yarn is definitely worth re-purposing!

  12. Whe3n you wash those beautiful skeins, do you do them all together, and loop over a dowel or broom handle, and have one at the bottom too to take out the kinks? What a find for that price, a giveaway for sure.


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