Monday, October 23, 2017

Thick & Thin Socks - revisited

Noro neutral socks
October 2017
I started knitting this pair before I went to Colorado (the cuffs, heel flaps, and gussets were finished), and I completed the foot and toe sections before the road trip to Durango. Even though the sock on the right looks larger, it is the same size as the sock on the left.

Knitting notes can be found here

Dee and Vera gave me the nudge I needed to revive my sock knitting mojo. Since beginning the  I ♥ Fall Knit-Along on October 1st, I've knit four pair of socks and have two more pair on the needles.


  1. I love your socks. The fall KAL has been great fun. I am so glad Vera and Dee started it

  2. I think sock knitting is so satisfying on every level; you can use any yarn and have a great pair of socks for someone!
    These are very pretty! Nice work!

  3. I think you could knit socks in your sleep:)

  4. I love sock knitting too, although my hands are very sore today from knitting two large pair of men's socks in the past week. Socks are such a wonderful project as you know they will be used and well loved by the recipient. Yours are beautiful.

  5. Those are beautiful. I am amazed by the number of socks you've knit!

  6. Yay for sock mojo! This is another beautiful pair, the colors are so soft and cozy.


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