Friday, October 6, 2017

School Murals

artwork on the side of Ashgrove Elementary School
Riverton, WY
September 2017
Three cheerful murals hang on the south side of Ashgrove Elementary school. The sunflowers in the foreground were planted by the students last spring. The seed heads should attract some birds or squirrels this winter.

Do the schools in your area have gardens?


  1. How inviting and welcoming! Nice to see when the community just drives by, too!

  2. Pretty photo.

    The schools in my area barely have books! Sad, but true. School funding has never been a big deal here in Florida and it shows in our test scores.

    We do have one elementary school here in Jacksonville that has a beautiful mosaic tile wall. It was done by a local artist and is really quite lovely.

  3. A lot of the schools in the 'burbs have gardens. The only one in the city is the School for Agriculture, which is a high school.

    The City of Philadelphia though has an amazing Mural Arts program, and those are all over the city.

    The ones you are showing make the schools look so appealing!

  4. So pretty - love that. The only local garden at a school near me (that I am aware of) is at a "reform" school. They have huge gardens (flowers and veggies) as well as goats and some other animals.

  5. The high school here in Mitchell used to have ceiling tiles in all of the hallways that were painted by students. But recently the fire marshall determined they were a hazard. So they were replaced. But the painted tiles were offered to the community, so any student or parent or anyone could claim them. I love the garden idea and am guessing that some local schools have student planted gardens, but am not sure.

  6. A lot our urban schools have gardens or growing areas, though they are usually the schools that have a lot of family involvement.

    I like street art, whether it's hanging displays or what some people call graffiti. I don't like all graffiti. Tags, things that do not enhance but vandalism makes me sad.

  7. The murals are just lovely Nancy. In the Chicago area they planted school gardens. Up here, its all farms and fields to no need! Plenty of AG around. :)

  8. Our little local school grew a big garden...then the school was closed and everyone went to more planting:(

  9. No gardens here that I know about, but there's interesting art on the walk up the hill. Love the murals in the photo.


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