Friday, October 20, 2017

Changing Seasons

Autumn Quilt Block
October 2017
Most of the leaves fell from my Ash trees while I was in Colorado, and the young man who winterized my sprinkling system offered to rake the leaves (for free) because he wanted them for his dairy goats to munch. I gladly accepted his offer.

Saturday was a dreary and snowy day with no real accumulation because the ground is still warm, but soon that will change.

I love living in an area that has distinct seasons even though they do not always occur in a typical or predictable order.


  1. Love that quilt square you made - it looks great by your door! We've been having cool mornings, but strong sun during the day. Once the sun sets though, it gets chilly again. No snow for us for some time yet.

  2. That square is perfect for fall!

    I think I would be miserable if I lived someplace where the weather was always more or less the same.

  3. Nice to come how to see the changes, too!
    The Fall leaves plaque is beautiful on your front porch!

  4. Me too! I can't even imagine living somewhere without a distinct season change. We've had a beautiful fall so far, with only 1 night of frost. And I always look forward to that first dusting of snow. And the first hints of green in the spring. And first hot day of summer.

  5. How nice of him to rake for you. One less fall chore for you to do. I do enjoy fall, but winter is NOT a favorite of mine. I would like to try warm temps year round some day. :-)

  6. I LOVE your quilt at the door!

  7. I love that your neighbor is so neighborly! I love the temperate weather of the Bay Area, but I do love the magic of distinct seasons as well. Is your quilt block made of tile? I be my Mom would like something like that.

  8. The quilt square by your door is lovely.

  9. I love the square by your door, gorgeous autumn colours :) And that lucky getting your leaves raked for free!
    Found you whilst bloghopping, I will visit again :)

  10. It's definitely turned fallish here as well. The rains are back and it's chillier and darker in the morning and evening, but the fall colors are amazing this year. Is it early for snow in Wyoming? Thanks, too, for your kind comment re. Mocha.

  11. Love your painted quilt block. It's hard to think of snow this early. It was in the high 70's today here in VA.


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