Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Towel Dispenser

unique towel dispenser
Dodge City casino
Dodge City, KS
August 2016
Hmm, are you beginning to wonder if I'm obsessed with bathrooms?  Here's another unique feature that I spotted in Kansas. Be honest, have you EVER seen a towel dispenser like this?

Note that's so unique it needed an identification label attached directly behind it.

Other unique Kansas bathrooms:

   Lucas, Kansas

   Manhatten, Kansas


  1. I like it....nice clean sheets every time.

  2. Very convenient. But yes, it does look a bit funny. I tend to take pics of bathroom floors for quilt/quilting inspiration.

  3. Very cool. I am partial to the blowers that you put your hands into and pull up. Voila THey are dry

  4. Happy New Year Nancy! I like the bathroom posts. I have another friend and her daughter and we often discuss our favorite city bathrooms and why. hehe.

  5. Never seen one...until now. I looks like a pretty good idea. I've seen towels that pull out like that, but the canister is always wall mounted.

  6. Never saw one like that either. Not sure it's a good idea ....drips go down. Seems like it might get messy and germy.

    Although I will take the towel dispense over those awful blow-dryer things!

  7. Nope, never seen one like that. Seems like they would get wet though. Most public restrooms I've seen have a lot of water on the counter.

  8. First time I've seen this. Very handy, and probably keeps things tidier having the towels right there by the sink.


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