Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back in Time - Grandmother

Annie Horn(e)
Margate, Kent, England
taken by Seymour Browne - Arcadian Studio
circa 1890s
I never met my paternal grandmother, but thanks to my Aunt Sadie, I do have a few photos of her.

Annie was born and raised in England. She had two brothers (William and Harry) and two sisters (Matilda and Ada).

Most of her relatives in England worked at a deaf and dumb asylum: her father was a porter at the asylum. Annie worked there for 13 years.

When Annie was 31, she sailed to America with her sister and brother-in-law in September 1899. They ended up in Brewster, MN where their Aunt Sarah lived. While in Brewster, Annie met and married my grandfather John, who was a natural-born citizen, which automatically made Annie a U.S. citizen.

Annie died on January 7, 1950 at the age of 82.

An earlier post about my paternal grandfather can be found here.


  1. This is a wonderful picture. Love her coat and hat and it seems to me you resemble her:) Deaf and dumb asylum sounds just awful but back then that is how it was viewed.

  2. Oh I love this photo! She looks so stylish and elegant. Thanks for sharing this one. :-)

  3. Wow. Look at the fur/feathers! Great image. and the hat!!!

  4. Amazing that you have some much information about her. Although, thinking about it, I have a lot of information about my grandmothers too! She does look quite stylish.

  5. An elegant and beautiful lady! I love that they wore furs without apology in those days. My mother had a Hudson fur seal coat in her closet the day she passed away. I would love to wear it but I would probably be mobbed.

  6. Isn't it fun learning about our ancestors?! Your grandmother looks so grand and regal. No one will be saying that about pictures of me in 100 years. LOL

  7. She looks so elegant. I can imagine why your grandfather fell in love with her. It's so much fun to dig into our family history. I've been working on mine too.

  8. Great photo. Not everyone could look slim wearing a fur coat. She was a lovely woman, and probably very courageous too to leave everything and go to a new country.

  9. She looks like a fine lady, so elegant in her fur trimmed coat ...and look at that waist!! The hat is something else...she must have had personality plus! Love the gloves I bet they were kid gloves ...such very soft leather and I wonder if that is an umbrella in her hand?:)

  10. What a lovely lady, all dressed up in her finery! Nancy, I see a resemblance to you!

  11. Very stylish lady. Love the photograph and story.


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