Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Faroese Shawl - revisited

completed Faroese Shawl
January 2016
Over the extended, holiday weekend, I worked on a project that had been stalled since October. It is now finished, and I am delighted with the shawl and have been wearing it around the house since it came off the needles. It is a short shawl (18.5 inches at center back), and hits me just a bit below the elbows: a good length for keeping the chill off, but not long enough to be in the way when working or knitting. The shoulder shaping keeps the shawl neatly in place without any fussing or tugging.

I've worn this shawl every day since it came off of the needles over a week ago. I love it!

From the original 1.3 pound ball of yarn, only 3 oz. remains, which will be enough to knit a hat for the donation box.

Remember the purple yarn ball in the original post about the shawl?  It is currently being knit into another Faroese shawl. Yes, indeed, this pattern is a keeper.

super-sized ball of superwash wool


  1. I think that is wonderful!! Love the color and think it is perfect.

  2. Oh wow, it looks absolutely lovely! I may have to try this pattern - it does seem like a good shawl for wearing to keep the chill off, like you said. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  3. Very pretty and very practical.

  4. I love when you knit something and it is just PERFECT in every way! Congrats on another beautiful finish (and a bit more stash busting)!

  5. Like the looks of this. I need to get busy and do the crocheted version.

  6. What a lovely finish Nancy. IM thrilled that it holds so well on your shoulders

  7. Congrats on the finish! The shaping on these shawls is pretty wonderful. I'm glad you are wearing it daily...just the ticket for our January freeze.

  8. Wow what a great finish! And you are getting some use out of it this is cold here too:(


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