Friday, January 29, 2016

Foreign Friday

tour group
Southern Japan
April 1980
Finding tour groups posing for photos was a common sight in Japan. Note the tour guide in the center of the photo with the yellow sign. That was actually a flag she carried and held aloft to keep the the group together. The man in the bright yellow coat was also a guide for this group.


  1. I can remember seeing big tour groups in Southern California and around Yellowstone, and it was not unusual to see a group picture being organized.

  2. Fun memories ! you always show us something fun. We are meant to be in groups, as social beings! Even though those are the toughest photos to get

  3. Everyone's dressed so nice. The little pops of red and yellow are delightful. What are the trees to the far left with the delightful bonsai-like shape?


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