Friday, January 22, 2016

Foreign Friday

Bus Lady waits for her group to come up the stairs
Southern Japan
April 1980
The world was much different 36 years ago, but a part of me hopes that Bus Ladies are still part of the tourism scene in Japan. They were classy and professional.

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  1. Do you ever think about going back to revisit some of these beautiful places?

  2. Dressed so nicely. I can't imagine standing on my feet most of the day wearing heels.

    She looks very pretty.

  3. Oh yes, she looks very classy!! I would hope that wouldn't change either.

  4. I agree with Dee -- what? wear heels all day tromping around tourist destinations? And gloves... yikes. I'm glad we've gotten more casual or better said, more comfortable. That said I remember getting in trouble in high school for trying to wear a split skirt dress. Nothing form fitting at all.


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