Friday, January 15, 2016

Foreign Friday

Richard Bong Theater walkway
Misawa AFB
Misawa, Japan
(I didn't take this photo but wish I had.) 
The Richard Bong Theater was one of two movie theaters on base. The Bong was near the Base Exchange on the main base, and the other theater was on The Hill.

The archway kept those waiting to purchase tickets dry in the relentless rain during the typhoon season and warmer when the snow was falling and blowing sideways.

At the beginning of every movie the National Anthem was played while the audience stood at attention. One time the recording stopped abruptly, and without hesitation everyone began singing where it left off.

The high school did not have a stage or theater; thus, my drama students staged their plays in the Officers' Club - Club Mutsu. In 1980, when that building was not available, I made arrangements for Twelve Angry Men to be performed on the Bong Theater stage one afternoon. The stage was actually quite large and worked well for the performance: I wish it would have been possible to stage our plays there all the time.

Information about Richard Bong can be found here.


  1. Interesting. I bet it was fun to perform on the movie theater stage!

  2. I'll bet your students were really excited to perform on a big, REAL stage!!!

    You know ----- I can FEEL the cold of a snowy day looking at that photo.

  3. Your students were SOOOO lucky to have you. Glad the audience had a covered waiting area

  4. Every Friday I look at your Foreign Friday pictures and know that you are a great teacher Nancy--the kind I always wanted for my children! Thanks for sharing your memories. I especially enjoyed the story about everyone in the theater singing the National Anthem. If only the same patriotism was alive today.

  5. You must have had such an interesting life there. Do you miss it?

  6. Nice! I think there's a Richard Bong bridge in Duluth - or Superior.

  7. How thoughtful! We don't go to the theater often, but I did when I was younger, and have lots of memories of being wet from rain or snow.


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