Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Single Skein Slash

I need at least 400 yards to knit a pair of size 10 socks, so some single, 150 - 168 yard skeins are repeatedly stuffed back into the yarn bins. The Slash the Stash challenge is forcing me to look for ways to use the previously rejected yarn.

This pair of socks will not match because of the variegated yarn. With any luck, they should be off of the needles by the next week.

  Patons Kroy Socks FX (Clover Colors) 166 yards - 1.75 ounces
  Baah La Jolla (Garnet) approx. 170 yards - 1.8 ounces
          (scrap yarn from this project)

  US size 2 - 16 inch circulars (addi turbos)

  Simple ribbed cuff socks - 64 stitches

Typically, I knit socks with a 56 stitch count, but since this yarn is a bit thicker, I am using a 64 stitch count. I found this great source for turning the heel for a multiple of stitch counts (40 - 80 stitches). Heels by Number not only has a variety of stitch counts but also for six types of heels.

What type of heels do you normally use when knitting socks?


  1. The colors are wonderful. I love socks that don't match! They brighten any day and I love it when people say, "Do you know that your socks don't match?" "No! Really?"

  2. They may not be matchy-matchy, but it is obvious that they belong together.

    I use a slip-stitch flap heel.

  3. OH I love your creation with little skeins.
    I usually make an ordinary heel: slip one purl across
    slip one knit one slip one.
    I did do a eye of partridge on my current socks though...someonoe at knit night showed me hers and So i tried it. Its just a 4 row repeat

  4. They might not match exactly, but they certainly coordinate. I have knit exactly one pair of socks, and I don't remember how I did it. :-)

  5. I bet those nice socks will be warm! I don't knit sox. Not that advanced in my knitting and would need guidance! I got the chicken pot pie recipe from this site. I try to make more than one and freeze the filling ready to go for another. Enjoy!

  6. Fun socks! They may not match exactly but do go together very well. I usually do the slip stitch heel that Dee mentioned but like the EOP, too.

  7. These are sooo beautiful! I would wear the heck out of them! How many inches do you knit for the foot after the gusset for a size 10 sheesh. You are the best stash buster. :)

  8. Way to slash the stash!

    I keep going back to the original way I learned to knit a heal.(Don't know if there's a name for it.) I've tried only a couple other options, but I didn't like them.

  9. Knitting stripes is a great way to combine different yarns to slash the stash. I like short-row heels.

  10. I use the go-to-Walmart-and-buy-'em-off-the rack heel turn. LOL Seriously, I don't knit. I do enjoy seeing your work.


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